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    Schrams Druid application



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    Schrams Druid application

    Post by Schrams on Sun May 29, 2016 9:38 am

    1. Character name, Level and Vocation
    My character's called Schrams Druid, at the moment my boy is 222 and of course, it's and ED.

    2. When did you start to play tibia (How did you get to play tibia)
    Well I got to play Tibia cause friends told me to do so.. I don't remember when but it was around 2008.

    3. Have you ever played on other Servers? If yes, why did you leave them?
    I played on Unitera (first server) and left cause of lag and because my friends wanted something new (we where just newbies so we did not care at all). I've also played Valoria (for one week), and other PvP servers as Danubia. Which I left cause i retired.Still got chars there (Efidia now)

    4. Have you played any other Vocation than your current one or even have other chars you still play active?
    I've always loved playing ED but I got a 105 RP here in Refugia and a 67 Ek.. which i leveled in 4 days just for fun.
    I play Ms but only on PvP and he is around level 100.

    5. In how many guilds have you been before and how come you left them?
    Wow.. That's a difficult question to be answered... I've been in many guilds, all left cause i wanted to retire for some time or cause they did not suit me at all (I need active guilds, I'm sure people that's seen me knows that I am pretty active.. And so, I need action!)
    And as I have nothing to hide.. I'll say I've been kicked just from 1 guild, Pirate Pandas, once in the past cause I had some trouble with dice.. But I regret and was like 2 years ago. Also wanna say I paid what I had to already and also gave away for free more than i debt cause I felt too bad that I had not paid it when I had to cause I couldn't. Smile

    6. Now tell us about yourself as a person. Where are you from? Whats your age? Whats your name and is there any Nickname you like to be called? And ofc we would also like to know if your a girl or a boy.
    (Optional: Maybe you want to tell us about your hobbies and find"soulmates" that got the same hobbies)
    I'm from Badalona, next to Barcelona (Spain). Street and that stuff.. Well not yet :3
    I'm 21, and my name's Marc, you can call me however you want me to.
    And I'm a boy! Outgoing one.. Had to say that.

    Optional... Should I? Well soulmate if you're there waiting I'm just gonna say I like girls and there's no need to share that hobby... Nah, just kidding. I study computer engeenering, I Love basketball and sports and I go to gym almost every day.
    Party is another thing I could never quit...
    If you come to Barcelona, anyone, Do not hesitate to tell me and I'll help you with anything you need!

    7. What about your criminal record. Have you ever been notated or even banned on any of your accounts?
    As I said once in the past when I joined the Pandas.. I was banned once when I tried to sell my account on the fòrum itself  Shocked Yeah.... Makes so much sense, I know, but I was 13 or so and did not know anything about rules ^.-

    8. Our guild ranks are based on activity in game such as forum activity. Do you consider yourself as a forum user? Do you think you will use the forum on daily base or will you be rather lazy with that?
    Hmm... It's gonna depend on which are the topics to be discused. And about activity ingame.. As I said I am really active when I have time to play!

    9. Imagine you have a problem with a member/ or the guild itself after you joined. How would you deal with that? Are you a person that talks about this problems with leader/vices or would you just leave?
    I'd talk of course. I Love talking and doing so I can also improve my english skills! :3 I'm not the kind of person that leaves a guild for no reason or says nothing and just leaves. Loyalty for life!
    And also wanted to say that I usually don't have trouble with anyone. I am really respectfull and prefer to just avoid problems, at least if they are with guildies or good friends.

    10. Last thing why do you want to join us? What are your expections?
    I wanna join this guild cause I loved it in the past, and regret so much about what I did, even though it didn't have anything to do with it. (When I say I had been here I mean Pandas... I'm sure Emily knows) And well, me and 3 more friends are joining so that's another reason as I wanted to go where they where going to.
    I expect to have fun, hunt friends, learn and keep in Touch with active and nice players.

    Btw... I hope you understand people changes and don't judge a person for what happened in the past. My english isn't the best, I know but I'll try to do my best, and if someone needs to, I can translate Spanish into English if needed.
    Also, I corrected 2 qüestions cause I thought they were written in a wrong way. Don't get mad cause of that please...

    yooo... took a long time but at least I've already applieeed! Thanks for reading! And see you ingame, even if I'm accepted or not, I'll be happy to keep in touch with anyone.

    My best wishes! :3


    SG I love you

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    Re: Schrams Druid application

    Post by Fidelity on Sun May 29, 2016 5:39 pm

    I could always grab me an extra ED Very Happy

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    Re: Schrams Druid application

    Post by Draxl on Mon May 30, 2016 12:35 pm

    Fidelity wrote:I could always grab me an extra ED Very Happy

    i has dat feeling 2


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    Re: Schrams Druid application

    Post by Hvitserk on Tue May 31, 2016 7:45 pm

    Hello Marc!

    Finally another computer engineering student here XD you maybe useful in my homeworks hahahaha
    Btw, I liked your speech, hope to see you at our ranks!

    @Fidelity and Draxl
    I had that feeling too XDD



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    Re: Schrams Druid application

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