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    guild application



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    guild application

    Post by Kyabe on Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:13 am

    1. Character name, Level and Vocation
    Kyabe 454 RP

    2. When did you started to play tibia (How did you got to play tibia)
    2000 when i was around 14

    3. Have you played on other Servers? If yes why did you leave them?
    Azura, Lunara, Isara, Harmonia, Calmera, Inferna and  
    Olympa. never left the old school servers they just merged one day.
    For years i followed a old friend around a few servers creating new chars or transfering.
    Left Calmera because i wanted to come back to Euro server as i live in Spain.
    4. Have you played any other Vocation than your current one or even have other chars you still play active?
    I have played all vocs over the year, i have low lvl ms and ek that i semi actively play on this server.

    5. In how many guilds have you been before and how come you left them?
    none in Refugia

    6. Now tell us about yourself as a person. Where are you from? Whats your age? Whats your name and is there any Nickname you like to be called? And ofc we would also like to know if your a girl or a boy.
    Im English (male) but Married a Spanish Lady so now live in Madrid. Im 30 in 4 weeks and my wife is pregnant with our 3rd child!! i mostly play at work on breaks and down town so my play time is restricted or atleast i like to hunt near safe afk spots.

    7. What about your criminal record. Have you ever been notated or even banned on any of your accounts?
    No other the some historic warnings for saying banned words, never serious as i dont curse in rl lol

    8. Our guild ranks are based on activity in game such as forum activity. Do you consider yourself as a forum user? Do you think you will use the forum on daily base or will you be rather lazy with that?
    Ill be honest i doubt i will use the forum much but i do use tibia forum a lot so if this ones captivates my attention then maybe i will

    9. Imagine you have a problem with a member/ or the guild itself after you joined. How would you deal with that? Are you a person that talks about this problems with leader/vices or would you just leave?
    Not likely to have problems but talking is always a prefered option

    10. Last thing why do you want to join us? What are your expections?
    Aineo seems like a legit guy and he recommended me. I noticed you also offer services on Forum and i like a guild that does that.
    I prefer to help than Exp etc, got no problem spending my bonus stamina helping others


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    Re: guild application

    Post by Aineo on Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:18 am

    Nice to see ur Application here Smile
    You will get an answer in few Days Craig!

    Yours~ Sascha

    Amr 5tab

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    Re: guild application

    Post by Amr 5tab on Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:04 pm

    Sure u r welcome to our guild .. u will have the answer in a few days Very Happy

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    Re: guild application

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