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    Nieogarniety Lekasz application



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    Nieogarniety Lekasz application

    Post by narma3531 on Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:43 pm

    Hi first of all sorry for my english today but im very tired after work but wan't to have it done.
    1. Character name, Level and Vocation
    Nieogarniety Lekasz , 89 The mighty Elder druid!!

    2. When did you started to play tibia (How did you got to play tibia)
    My story in tibia begins in Feudal age 2005 or 2004. Tibia comes to my Hood and was spreaded from friend to friend, that's how i found out about this cance...Game:D?

    3. Have you played on other Servers? If yes why did you leave them?
    Ofcourse i started at Xantera, than move to Iridia, after that non pvp starts for me in order Menera/Nerana/Guardia/Secura/Beneva/ And now Refugia. I quitted them becouse mainly my team/friends was quitting after that i took long break and now back here.

    4. Have you played any other Vocation than your current one or even have other chars you still play active?
    I played mainly as Ed , but got here also 91 EK, (but im kind of No hand on it) i also tried to play as RP but it's totally not my style . I Want to play MS one day a bit to give it a try but people keep me busy on Ed:D.

    5. In how many guilds have you been before and how come you left them?

    Lot of, each server i was on other team, reason of leaving : Guild dies ppl stop play. In Refugia didn't have any guild yet.

    6. Now tell us about yourself as a person. Where are you from? Whats your age? Whats your name and is there any Nickname you like to be called? And ofc we would also like to know if your a girl or a boy.
    (Optional: Maybe you want to tell us about your hobbies and find"soulmates" that got the same hobbies)

    Well my name is Konrad, but friends call me Edi. im 26 years old and i like to do streams online sometimes mainly on weekends. I born in Poland but living in UK and work in werehouse on Full time so in week days im around 22+. Weekends Ususally i spend from 11-22 online time. I always wanted to learn play guitar but never found teacher that can't stand my talent for that Very Happy i like games , and girls ( 0,- strange isn;t it ? ) I wish one day to find a team wich we can meet up in real world drink cofee/tea/beer and hang out a bit instead of only sitting next to pc 21 century is terrible.

    7. What about your criminal record. Have you ever been notated or even banned on any of your accounts?
    (Dont worry if you have been notated or banned before be honest and tell us about it!)

    I won't Lie, i get deleted for being a member of Mata Rindu on Iridia, The reason of it was "The guild was had something with ddos atk" wich i didn;t know mainly dominando guild with a bit of PA too. The fun thing about this is Even Mata Rindu Academy got deleted around 300 players( well Academy was for ppl who payed for hunted and wanted play free) . Cipsoft made a mistake meybe some ppl remember this action. but i never botted and never will be ! I use now only 1 Unofficial software wich is TibiaLyzer so far legal.

    8. Our guild ranks are based on activity in game such as forum activity. Do you consider yourself as a forum user? Do you think you will use the forum on daily base or will you be rather lazy with that?
    Well forum is best place to communicate about quest services and toher stuff. So yes 100% is the place wich players should look for info Very Happy I'll.

    9. Imagine you have a problem with a member/ or the guild itself after you joined. How would you deal with that? Are you a person that talks about this problems with leader/vices or would you just leave?
    If problem with guild member first thing i would do it's to try speak with that member why we have a problem  and ask if there is any way that we can solve it together . If no i might try to speak with leader of vice meybe they willl help. Guild is family and in all families some litle problems sometimes rise, but nothing that couldn't be solved by wiser members of Family ^^.

    10. Last thing why do you want to join us? What are your expections?

    I think your guild is active, and that what counts for me i need team to speak with play with be friend with. my exceptions? Active,friendly,Social,Fair play basiclly be same as me ! Honest and fair

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    Re: Nieogarniety Lekasz application

    Post by Ainea on Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:10 am

    Hay there Konrad!

    Im here to tell you that we have accepted your application and you are now a part of the guild Smile You will get further forum access now and it would be nice if you would check for news on a daily base.
    Also congratz on your lvls Smile

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