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    Application by Zion of Danger

    Zion of Danger

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    Application by Zion of Danger

    Post by Zion of Danger on Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:21 pm

    Neverending Story application. By Zion of Danger

    Greetings, stories. I would like a chance at being a part of the society.
    I will try to make this short.

    My char is Zion of Danger, as you might or might not have realised. I am a level 237 Elder Druid.
    I started playing back at 2004 on Nova with a couple of real life friends from school. We only got to around level 40~ because tibia was a little difficult at that time. Some of them retired and the rest played for some time more and then retired.
    At around that time, I created a char on Inferna to kill a some people, but it didn't go further than that.
    I got tired of the PVP community and decided to look for a Non-PVP realm, and I stumbled upon Refugia. I started on here (I dont remember when) some years back, exploring things that i was not able to on Nova. Being able to run around freely, not having to think about direct encounters from other players felt somewhat different, in a good way, so I decided to make this my home.
    Throughout my journey in these lands I have come to know a lot of people of all age. The diversity in tibian players is interesting.
    I have every one of the four vocations here on refugia. Druid, Paladin and Sorcerer are above 100+, and my knight is 80+.

    I am the kind of player you would find on any battle front, despite my level. I like putting myself out there, but keeping things managable. Although, sometimes you just loose a grip (and die)

    A bit about my real life
    I am a 23 year old male from a distant country. I am a graduate of construction managment with some time to spare for playing video games and what not.
    Part time, I worked at an IT repair/software solution company.
    I find scuba diving quite pleasing, and I occasionally take photographs (for my own pleasure - not professionally) of random things I see.

    Criminal Record
    Nothing noteworth

    I am not looking for fame or glory. I do not expect to be commanding officer.
    What I expect is to have a laugh together, and a healthy gaming enviroment with good people.

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    Re: Application by Zion of Danger

    Post by Scorpsgirl on Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:15 pm

    Welcome! Smile

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