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    Read before applying!


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    Read before applying!

    Post by Ainea on Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:18 pm

    Hay there!

    If your interested in joining the Neverending Story and be part of a teamhunting, questing and fair playing guild then feel free to apply in a seperate Thread in the Recruitment section.
    But please make sure you will write something to the following Questions in your application.
    Also please do not use any color for your application title leave it as "none" because we use red as not accepted and green as accepted and it might confuse members.

    1. Character name, Level and Vocation

    2. When did you started to play tibia (How did you got to play tibia)

    3. Have you played on other Servers? If yes why did you leave them?

    4. Have you played any other Vocation than your current one or even have other chars you still play active?

    5. In how many guilds have you been before and how come you left them?

    6. Now tell us about yourself as a person. Where are you from? Whats your age? Whats your name and is there any Nickname you like to be called? And ofc we would also like to know if your a girl or a boy.
    (Optional: Maybe you want to tell us about your hobbies and find"soulmates" that got the same hobbies)

    7. What about your criminal record. Have you ever been notated or even banned on any of your accounts?
    (Dont worry if you have been notated or banned before be honest and tell us about it!)

    8. Our guild ranks are based on activity in game such as forum activity. Do you consider yourself as a forum user? Do you think you will use the forum on daily base or will you be rather lazy with that?

    9. Imagine you have a problem with a member/ or the guild itself after you joined. How would you deal with that? Are you a person that talks about this problems with leader/vices or would you just leave?

    10. Last thing why do you want to join us? What are your expections?

    Please make sure your forum name is the same as your char name so we later on know who u are

    We prefer Applications written as a text including the questions rather than a List... So please be creative and not a Robot Smile

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